Finding Gratitude Every Day at Work and at Home

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With our busy lives we’ve become jugglers – balancing stressful work flows, meetings, social lives, family time, going to the gym, kids’ extracurriculars, and being a support system for partners, parents and friends.


Whichever stage you’re at, Thanksgiving is certainly a time to reflect on your busy life with a lens of gratitude. A busy life is a full life, after all!


But Thanksgiving is not the only time to show gratitude. There are plenty of ways that we can encourage daily gratitude at home and at the office, and plenty of reasons why we should! Expressing gratitude increases health and happiness and reduces stress and depression.


Here’s how you can add gratitude to your daily life at work and at home:


Keep a daily gratitude journal


Whether you use a notebook, keep a digital journal, or use an app, keeping a gratitude journal is a great way to remind yourself of the amazing things happening around you. Keep your journal in an accessible spot (so you remember to use it) and write 3 to 5 things you’re thankful for that day.


Whether you’re thankful to have such wonderful co-workers, thankful to the person who paid for your morning coffee, or thankful you pushed yourself further at the gym, when you look back on the entries in your journal you’ll be surprised by all the little things you appreciate in your life!


Start a daily gratitude jar


Much like the journal, the jar can be your source of daily appreciation at work or at home (or both). Get your co-workers and family involved in writing down one or two things they appreciate and make a point to share some of those appreciative notes with each other at a weekly team meeting or at the family dinner table. At the very least it’ll give you something new to talk about, but you’ll be surprised by how much it can help improve the relationships with the people you spend the most time with.


Tell People You’re Thankful


When it comes to employee motivation, you might be surprised to learn that pay isn’t the top factor. According to Time, studies show that “thanking your colleagues can have a bottom line impact.” Verbal recognition can be as small as complimenting a colleague on a task well done or acknowledging their achievements during a larger group meeting.


Celebrate similar wins at home with your family by recognizing your partner for helping with the housework, or thanking your children for helping a sibling. Take it all a step further by asking those individuals what their accomplishment means to them; it will give them a chance to express themselves and keep lines of communication open. Something we can all be thankful for!


Give Gestures of Gratitude


Unexpected and creative gifts go a long way in showing gratitude. It can be as small as a cup of coffee for your co-worker, knitting a scarf for your friend, or picking up your partner’s favorite snack on the way home. Small ‘anytime’ gifts can be given any day without breaking your wallet. These sweet and thoughtful gestures of gratitude are special ways to ‘show’ rather than ‘say’ thank you.


We're thankful for our members. What are you thankful for and how do you express your gratitude?


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Thank you for sharing Kristin, i enjoyed that.

BECU Employee

@Gramz53- I'm so glad, thanks for your comment! I personally enjoyed taking small moments over the last week or so to practice gratitude; it's a good habit. Thanks for being a MIX member! Cheers, KristinA 

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