Alexa™, is my BECU Account Information Safe?

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Did you know that BECU has a new Amazon Alexa™ skill?


BECU remains focused on providing exceptional member experiences through existing tools like BECU Online Banking and the BECU Mobile App. We are always looking for new ways and technologies to better enable you where and when you need.  That’s why the team at BECU has been hard at work creating a new Alexa skill to give you faster, secure access to your BECU account. In partnership with Fiserv, we’ve introduced BECU’s first Alexa skill, which allows you to:


  • Ask Alexa what BECU accounts you have
  • Check your BECU deposit and loan balances
  • See the most recent transactions within your BECU accounts.

This innovation makes BECU among the first financial institutions to offer voice-activated account information to members.


Your Security is Top of Mind

This new technology can be fun to use, but with your money at stake the BECU information security team has to focus on finding the right balance between fun and safe. In this post, we would like to point out a couple of ways we help make your use of the Amazon Alexa BECU skill safe.


To begin using the Alexa service from Amazon, you’ll need to have an approved Amazon device like the Amazon Echo™. Your device is tethered to your verified Amazon account to gain access to the Alexa™ skill store. With that access you can download the approved and tested BECU skill to your device. Once installed, you authorize Alexa to utilize the BECU skill by entering your credentials for online banking through your mobile device, and set a PIN.


Once you request an action, like asking Alexa for your balance, we ensure the communication going back all the way to your account at BECU is encrypted – providing a sort of tunnel which has your request of the BECU banking system. In this example, your account values are gathered and sent back through the tunnel back to your device, where Alexa will communicate your balance.


There is much more complexity behind the scenes in building this system, but rest assured that BECU information security has worked hard to ensure you have a safe and fun way to get the information utilizing your Amazon device and the Alexa BECU skill.

Ready to get started? Click here to get BECU’s New Alexa Skill from Amazon for free. Need help? Click here for information about enabling and managing Alexa Skills, or contact BECU for support.


Tell Us What You Think

We’re so excited to introduce this platform to you, and we’d love to get your input. Tell us about your experience using Alexa to engage with your BECU account, and let us know about any future enhancements, features, or functionality that you’d like to see.

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Has this been thoroughly tested?  After the Experian fiasco, I am a little leary of having my banking information available to hack through Alexa.  Love that you're trying to make things open and easy....I'm just worried about my accounts staying secure.

Community Manager

Your concerns are certainly understandable @deego9. The new Amazon Alexa™ skill is completely optional and something you have to set up. If you choose not to set up this skill with Amazon, no information will be available to hack. If you do choose use this service, rest assured it has been thoroughly tested and is a secure channel. The information exchanges between BECU and the Alexa skill are all encrypted. If someone was to try and access information, they wouldn't be able to obtain access to any account numbers or Online Banking credentials. Our priority is your security. If you have more questions, let me know and I can put you in touch with our support team. Thanks!

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