8 New ATMs Now Open In The Puget Sound Region

Community Manager

We’ve added extra ATMs to seven Neighborhood Financial Centers – and brought back the ATM in the Everett-Evergreen Safeway. (Can you hear the collective cheer?)


New ATMs have been added in these locations:


  • Puyallup 176th Neighborhood Financial Center
  • Puyallup South Hill Neighborhood Financial Center
  • Auburn Neighborhood Financial Center
  • Renton Benson Neighborhood Financial Center
  • Mill Creek Neighborhood Financial Center
  • Lynnwood Neighborhood Financial Center
  • Shoreline Neighborhood Financial Center
  • Everett-Evergreen Safeway


That last location is especially exciting. We have always tried to keep an ATM in the Everett-Evergreen grocery store, knowing how convenient that spot is for many of our members. Due to the changes in store ownership, that hasn’t always been possible – but we’re so glad to be back!

Within the next couple of months, we’ll also be adding an ATM to the Kirkland Neighborhood Financial Center.


Our goal is always to make it easy for you to use our ATMs, get your banking done, and get back to the rest of your to-do list.


Remember, if ATMs are busy, check deposits and transfers can be done on your phone through our mobile app. We’ve recently updated the app according to your feedback, and we have more updates rolling out in the coming months. Keep your eyes on this area for an update on our upcoming mobile app release!


Speaking of ATMs - would it be possible to reposition the ATM across from the QFC in Enumclaw so it would be usable in the afternoon? The whole unit or just the user interface could be rotated so it facess N or S or as an alternative, position a sun blocking screen on the W side or put a pull down shade behind the user.

Community Manager

@esrav8r I understand how intrusive the suns glare can be when using certain ATM machines, and we've heard this feedback from other members too. Our ATM Operations team works hard to ensure the screen is as clear as possible in all lighting situations, but sometimes the suns rays are just too intense. We also make every effort to place the machines facing North or South to avoid glare from the sun, but we don’t always have control over where the ATM itself faces. Many times the property owner of the retail space we lease from have specific design criteria on how the machine is placed. We do have some exciting ATM enhancements coming soon including new machines that have more of a tilt that we hope increases visibility. You can check out all the other enhancements here. Thanks! JohnS


I realize that there are limitations placed on the installation of ATMs, but it would seem to me that an inexpensive addition to those locations that suffer from sun glare in the morning or afternoon would be to install a sun sensor and RV type automaticly deployed shade when the sun glare is a problem. It would be greatly appreciated when trying to read the screen in bright sun.

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