Teenager Education

I know BECU went into a bunch of schools this year. A great start. It would be awesome if there was a Finances 101 online class for @17 year olds. They aren't getting this stuff in school, and they just eye roll parents. An online tutorial might help. From basic checking/saving stuff to beginning investing to bill paying. 


Many high schools have a finance class called financial algebra. All the high schools in my district provide this class. Kids just have to sign up for it instead of a hundred other good choices. It's one of the most relevant classes a high school senior can take.


I think having a workshop for kids in general will benefit them more. Especially at a younger age. 


For kids and young adults, online eduation in gaming format might be attractive, especially if the reward for achieving the "highest level" might be a few bucks to open a savings account.


BECU Employee
Status changed to: Good news! We have this!

We totally agree about the importance of setting youth up for financial success! We do have dedicated financial educators presenting in classrooms all over the area, on topics like banking, budgeting, credit, investing and risk management. You can check out the details and access the request form here.


We also offer other financial education online webinars (because we KNOW you're too busy to fight Seattle traffic!). We're also currently looking into offering additional short, online financial education modules specifically for our youth members. Cheers, KristinA