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Round up purchases to savings

When making a purchase from your BECU Checking account, the purchase is rounded up to the next whole dollar and the rounded amount is transfered to your savings account.

For example:

Buy lunch for $7.38 and 62 cents is added to your savings account.

Spend $1.19 on a candy bar and 81 cents is added to your savings account.



Currently there is anything from One time to Weekly to Yearly. I think it should be expanded.

I would like the ability to have funds transfered automatically, at least from Checking to Savings, after every purchase I make. There could be multiple options and it would obviously protect from overdrafting, etc.

For instance I buy something and end up with 101.54 in my checking. That $1.54 is then automatically transfered to savings. It could be very useful with more options, only transfer the $0.54 for or only transfer $0.04. for example. Just round down however much the user wants it to. It could also be set to automatically transfer $X.XX after every purchase. So I could put $0.25 into savings automatically after every purchase if I wanted.

On top of all that you could set the minimum amount you want to keep in your checking as well, so if I didn't want to transfer anything to savings if I was at $100 or lower I could buy something, be left with $91.54 and it wouldn't transfer anything to savings.

There could even be an option to set push notifications to the phone through the app so you could quickly confirm if you wanted to transfer the funds or not after the purchase.

Community Manager
Status changed to: Further Consideration

Hey all, I just received a private message about this idea and we realized we owe this community follow up! Our product team did take the idea late last year to research and evaluate the feasibility, and due to competing priorities we don’t have plans to offer this anytime soon. Be assured it’s not a definite “no”, it’s just a “not right now”. JohnS