Round up purchases to savings

When making a purchase from your BECU Checking account, the purchase is rounded up to the next whole dollar and the rounded amount is transfered to your savings account.

For example:

Buy lunch for $7.38 and 62 cents is added to your savings account.

Spend $1.19 on a candy bar and 81 cents is added to your savings account.



I second this idea - I've seen this through other banks and always wished that BECU had this auto-function (or does it and I am just not aware?)

BECU Employee

Thank you for bringing this up- we love the idea of helping promote savings, and making it easy, too! 


I love this idea too and would totally use it.

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I support the idea.  Having the option to easily turn the option on or off would be great too.  It may not seem like much, only a few cents, here or there, but it really does add up over every month.


Yes - I suggested this years ago and got back a "great idea, we'll think about it"...then, crickets. I'd love to see it implemented.


Great idea. It would totally benefit my financial fitness goals especially if it were to be a pre-set member regulated percentage amount and applied only to the more frivolous expenditures. Haha...I think I really need real financial police officers.

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@Dayngerous, Thanks for sharing. Having this type of community forum helps us better represent what our members want and need from BECU. Seeing this idea gain support in the community just goes to show that your idea is also valued by other fellow members. I've already shared this with members of our Leadership team. Thank you! 

Community Manager

@MiWiFi your idea sounds interesting - can you elaborate? How would you want to select the pre-set percentage? Would you want to change the amount often, or only if you knew you were going to be spending more?


This is a great idea. All the small change would add up quickly and allow for greater interest being in a savings account.