Rite Aid ATM Upgrades


As a Rite Aid employee, I have seen customers of Rite Aid and BECU swarm in to use the ATM. The biggest problem with the ATM's is that they are cash only. This is a huge inconvenience for everyone. When they see the BECU ATM sign in the store window they come in to use the ATM to make deposits. Unfortunately I have seen custoner after customer complain because of the fact that they do not deposit. It would help if BECU upgraded the ATM's so that customers can use the full advances of BECU ATM's that they expect. 


 Second this one.

I am one of those that has had to go to the 7 eleven stores. It's not really the safest places to do deposits. I would rather cash only at 7 eleven and deposits at rite aid.

This would also make it easier and faster than some of the so called affiliate network cu's saying they don't do deposits or cash only atm use.

That's happened to me twice

Good idea.


Also, the ATM's at RiteAid are very slow, I feel that I am waiting with my hand out for a long time before it finally spits out the cash.

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Good morning @Rueben94. What you're describing sounds incredibly frustrating. When we introduced these machines to Rite Aid stores, our intent was to provide members with additional locations to get money at no charge. For those looking to make deposits, when have a large network of deposit-taking machines including partner credit unions that our members are encouraged to use (Deposit-taking ATM locations are on our website, here). We also offer members a super convenient way to make check deposits right on their smart phones, by using Mobile Deposit. I'd be interested in learning more about what we can do to increase awareness that these ATMs don't take deposits. 


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