BECU2 (squared) – Building Extra Cash University

A series of online webinars and/or classes that cover the gamut of ways to increase savings. Tips for investing in stocks, money market accounts, ROTH IRAs, and 401k type savings plans, as well as budgeting. After completing the series, an individual would become a Program Graduate and would receive a bonus interest rate percentage (.25, 1, or some amount) on amount in their savings account. Goal of being the most educated member base in the country on savings options and how to make them work for your goals.

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What a cool concept and inspiring goal! Thank you for sharing, we can't wait to explore this further. 


We have a library of existing seminars on our website at, what other types of topics would you recommend or find valuable for BECU2? 


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Status changed to: Check out this idea!
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@Rainier99- Thanks for the cool idea! In talking with our Financial Education area, it sounds like we've considered connecting financial education with a financial incentive, but solutions to actually fulfill and track those are limited based on our research. This idea will definitely need more looking into, but we'll keep it on the radar, thank you! Cheers, KristinA