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My two cents:


Being a local, independent, community driven organization, I think it would be great to hear a lot of the independent music you don't find on normal radio stations.


I'd suggest potentially doing something with KEXP, a station who's entire founding principle is promoting this kind of music across ALL genres.


There are also a ton of folk, singer/songwriters touring the country just to get the word out.

A lot of these brave, creative, amazing people escape notice of even the likes of KEXP (at least with any regularity).

I just saw a backyard concert with two such individuals last Friday.


Scott Mickelson


Jeff Campbell


They're both fantastically talented, superbly great people, and worth both listening to and supporting.

And they're just the tip of an iceberg in that vein.




In support of Independent Music's comment above, I'd love the idea of featuring the music of musicians that are based here in the same community that BECU serves.  When you start doing the reserach, that's a really wide representation of genres (something for everyone) yet it's all tied together under the umbrella of "local and part of the community".


It is a great idea. I would suggest to ask musicians members of BECU to submit ONE song for a compilation and based on the submissions, either BECU or the MIX can choose 12-14 songs that can be published and either give them away or sell them and use them on the background on the BECU branches (for awhile). In the other hand if there are not enough submissions, then it can be open to "local" independent artists.

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Wow, we love local and love this idea! Thanks for the great direction. We would definitely engage our MIX community on any final approaches to our BECU Soundtrack. 

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I really like the idea of using member made music, and then other local bands across all genres to provide enough of  a mix.


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Thank you to all who have provided suggestions and kudos! We love the idea of supporting local artists and would love to hear more from the community about specific songs, artists or bands we should consider for airplay. Keep your ideas coming! 

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We've got some exciting news to share! Based on this idea and the support it received, we've been able to connect with KEXP to explore our options to have them curate some local music playlists for us.


We're having to be patient as we work through those darn legal requirements for licensing and royalties because we want to be sure our local artists are taken care of, and we're hopeful we'll keep moving this initiative forward. Keep checking back for details, and thanks for being one of our first insightful MIXers. Cheers, KristinA