One time use credit card numbers for online purchases

One thing I'd like to see is the ability to generate one time use credit card numbers somewhere within the BECU website that are tied to my account - I can use these numbers for only one transaction and then they become invalid.  The number is actually tied to my account, with the charge showing up on my regular becu credit card statement.


I'd use these numbers for online retailiers that I don't normally shop at/are a litttle on the shady side, or potentially even for placing orders over the phone with retailers I don't use.  So while I might just give my regular credit card number to Amazon and have them save it, if I really need to buy something from Jimbo's Online Emporium, I might choose to use a one-off credit card number to pay for that purchase.


I know this is not your number one priority but please list it in your top 5. With so many accounts getting hacked everywhere it would be comforting to know that nobody could get my credit card from Amazon, or anyplace else I shop online. This idea is why i joined this group. I hope you will revisit it soon. 

Community Manager

Good morning @Bnativo. Thanks for adding your support for this idea!  We continue to gather feedback and share with our partners so they can assess ongoing need. We'll keep you updated here with any new developments. Thanks, JohnS