One time use credit card numbers for online purchases

One thing I'd like to see is the ability to generate one time use credit card numbers somewhere within the BECU website that are tied to my account - I can use these numbers for only one transaction and then they become invalid.  The number is actually tied to my account, with the charge showing up on my regular becu credit card statement.


I'd use these numbers for online retailiers that I don't normally shop at/are a litttle on the shady side, or potentially even for placing orders over the phone with retailers I don't use.  So while I might just give my regular credit card number to Amazon and have them save it, if I really need to buy something from Jimbo's Online Emporium, I might choose to use a one-off credit card number to pay for that purchase.


I think this is a brillant idea.


This is what ApplePay does and I wholeheartedly agree with this idea! 


This is a fantastic idea! I would absolutely use this and would feel much safer when shopping online using my BECU credit card


I would probably even get a BECU credit card if I could do this AND get a 1.5-2% cash back.


I love this idea!


I'd like to know what becu's processes for deciding on or dispositioning which ideas to pursue, or not. This one is clearly is "more involved" to implement than most others, and perhaps may have intellectual property ownership hurdles to cross. Regardless, it has been almost a month since becu asked us to take our time to suggest and comment on ideas so it would be good for becu to circle back with us periodically on what if anything you are doing, even if it is "researching feasibility". "Gaining support" is a meaningless status.

BECU Employee

@Mtro- You have good timing, the Featured Pursuits are typically up for 2-3 weeks to allow the community to weigh in. From there, the Pursuit is closed and ideas are shared back with the sponsor to evaluate feasibility and viability, strategy alignment and other factors. This Pursuit is being closed today.


A specific idea (this one, for example), is assigned the "Gaining Support" status to indicate it's receiving support from the MIX community.


I hope this helps, thanks for being a part of our innovation process. Cheers, KristinA

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Status changed to: Under BECU Review
BECU Employee

Hi MIXers! I just wanted to provide you with a quick update on this idea and I have great news to share! Our Product team is actively evaluating virtual cards based on the concepts that have been shared here. Specifically, the ability to self-generate separate virtual card numbers tied to the same account or line to be used for varying purposes. The timing may not necessarily align with our new Credit Card Rewards Program, but definitely stay tuned for updates on this new functionality. Cheers, KristinA 

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Status changed to: Further Consideration

Good morning all! I was just doing a quick status-check and realized this idea needed an update. After further review from our product team, i learned that one-time use, or "virtual" cards are not in the cards (pun intended) for us in the near future. We like this idea, but other initiatives have taken priority. So, we'll continue to gather feedback and share with our partners so they can assess ongoing need. I've statused this idea as "Further Consideration" as this idea has potential. We’ll leave it open and revisit it as development plans evolve. Thanks! John