There are many programs out there so this one will have offer things not offered elsewhere.

A good program consists of several factors and include the buyer in almost every step.

Botton line pricing

Lower or the lowest intrest rate on new and used vehicles of all programs out there

Insurance and payment in one, much like a house payment  includes all on a mortgage.

Educate the buyer, show all the options available and remeber sales persons are usually commission based and therefore are apt to push you into higher priced vehicles for a better commission.

Putting a program together like this would get my interest quickly.

There are other options that would be nice also but I could start with this.

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@Kat1966- We believe in empowering our members so totally agree knowledge is power! We are so excited about the great features coming together with this new program. While interest rates are always based on an individual’s credit, one of the great benefits will be a pre-determined one low price to eliminate haggling, bargaining, sales gimmicks and pressure tactics. A huge win in the auto buying process! Check back for details as we look to launch this new program. Cheers, KristinA 

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@Kat1966- Thanks for your contributions! Check out a sneak peek of the new program here. Cheers, KristinA