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Mobile Deposit - New Warning Message about Missing Endorsement

About a month ago while using my phone to deposit checks, it started giving a message that it does not appear to be endorsed.  We have a stamp that says "For Deposit Only and includes our account number".  All of the checks are stamped, but we continue to receive the error message.  


I'm also curious about a letter I received recently about the need to write "ONLINE DEPOSIT" on the endorsement.  I'm thinking I need to have it added to our bank stamp?  If I do that, I'm still worried about the error that the stamp isn't detected as an endorsement.


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Community Manager

Re: Mobile Deposit - New Warning Message about Missing Endorsement

Great questions @rkcralr! Yes, I would recommend adding "BECU Mobile Deposit" as this is a new regulation to ensure that checks that are deposited through a remote channel aren't also being deposited in other ways. Not including this verbiage may result in items being returned. 


For the blurry endorsement error I would recommend changing the background where you take the picture. Try using a plain, contrasting background. Also try manually focusing the image, and be sure all four corners of the check are visible. I know you've probably already done all this but it's standard troubleshooting, so I thought I'd offer it up. If none of this is working, please give us a call and speak with a Technical Support Analyst - they'll be able to get to the bottom of this for you. You can reach us at 800-233-2328. Thanks! JohnS