Account Alerts - Quiet Time

With other online accounts (credit cards, banking), there is the option of setting "quiet times"  - hours during which I do not wish to receive account alerts (i.e. after 10pm and before 7am). Is this feature available in the BECU system? I really don't need a text alert that Pandora hit up my BECU credit card account with the monthly charge at 10:54PM on a Tuesday night. The account activity alerts are welcome, but being able to specify when would be appreciated.

BECU Employee

@CrazyHusky- Thanks for adding your feedback to this idea exchange, we'll be sure to share your specific comments with our Digital team, along with the results of the survey. Timing and TIME of alerts are definitely important aspects of this feature. We do have a predetermined "Quiet Time" of 12am midnight to 7am PST, which isn't customizable at this point. You do have the option to disable the alerts, but then the security and monitoring benefits of alerts, to begin with, are missed. Thanks for bringing up the idea of more flexibility and personal customization when it comes to our alerts feature. Cheers, KristinA 


I would agree with this suggestion. In this day and tech age, people have a hard time steping away from their phone (or sleeping when the phone is going off for that matter). 


This freature would promote  increasing connection with family, frineds, and one's self while being finacial responsible when appropriate. 

BECU Employee
Status changed to: Good News! We have this!